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Embrace Freedom 

Recycling Bin


  • Keep our planet clean by recycling

  • Proper disposal of recyclables helps reduce environmental impact

  • Help us protect the environment and keep our planet clean

  • Support the cause of recycling


Embrace your life and live it to the fullest. You are in control of what happens now, so go ahead with confidence! D-Lux Trash Valet wants you to feel the freedom and convenience of the valet lifestyle without interruptions.

Fun at Home

Trash Preparation

  • Trash must be bagged and tied

  • Place bagged trash in provided containers

  • Please try to not leave any loose trash

  • Double bag cat litter and pet waste

  • Please maintain bags bellow 25 Ibs

  • No broken glass or sharp objects

  • Refrain from over-sized items, such as furniture, TV's, large boxes, etc.

  • Please flatten cardboard

Placing Container

  • Use only Provided Container

  • Place Container out Between 6pm and 8pm

  • Place Container directly in front of your doorstep

  • Collection starts at 8PM

  • Containers Placed out after 8pm, may miss pick up.

Bring Container Back

  • You must bring container back inside by: 9 am (the next Day)

  • No containers or trash out during Daylight hours

  • Units with containers or trash out during daylight hours may be fined (up to $25 by prop. Mgmt.)

How It Works

Pet Waste Stations

We specialize in the regular clean-up, removal, and disposal of dog waste from Sunday to Thursday.

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